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Brookside Glassworks

Joseph Tracy
319 Mill Rd 
Stamford VT 05252

Joseph Tracy makes works of art and craft in many media including 3d and bas-relief wood-carving, mask making, and painting. He began to focus  on stained glass in the 80s and then to include glass painting, etching, casting and fusing. Many of his works since the late 80s have a collage like quality, bringing together images from art-history,  nature, culture, literature and from his own sketchbooks, photos and glass experiments, usually unified by a thematic meditation. He likes to make autonomous pieces of art but also to work with clients on site specific commissions. He has original work in churches in Vermont and Massachusetts, in businesses and homes in California, Vermont, New York and Massachusetts and is currently showing windows in the Tunnel City Coffee shop located at the entry to Mass M.O.C.A. He has taught stained glass at the Putney School Summer Arts program for 14 years.

The studio also offers the highest level of excellence and experience in the conservation and restoration of the historic stained glass treasures found in our churches and synogogues. 

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