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Dinner on Glass

October 7, Saturday, 5:30 p.m.

Dinner on Glass combines fine dining, glass blowing, and performance art into a dazzling and memorable feast for all the senses.

Glass artist Randi Solin’s Brattleboro studio will be the setting for diners to watch artists and chefs work together to create an exquisite multi-course meal cooked entirely on hot glass. The artists will create sizzling glass surfaces to steam open oysters, sear Vermont grass-fed beef, and poach whole fish. Dinner will be accompanied by craft cocktails, fine wine, and capped off by a delicious dessert cooked on molten glass.

This one-of-a-kind, genre-defying, culinary experience will be led by glass artist Robert DuGrenier and chef Alex Sorenson of Blank Slate Kitchen, with assistance from Solin and chef Neal Myers of Johnny Seesaw’s. Proceeds will benefit BMAC and the Vermont Glass Guild.

The process of cooking with molten glass is one that requires great skill. When glass first comes out of the fire, its temperature reaches approximately 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass quickly reduces in heat, leaving the chef a small window of time to cook the ingredients. Once the glass cools to 1,200 degrees or lower, there is an increased risk of the glass shattering. The result is a thrilling demonstration of artistic ingenuity and technical expertise.

Tickets: $175 ($25 discount for BMAC members)
Space is limited.
Click here to purchase tickets

This event takes place at Solinglass at Fire Arts Vermont, 485 West River Road, Brattleboro, VT 05301.


After earning his MFA at Illinois State University, Robert DuGrenier moved to New York City and launched his career as an artist, sculptor, and designer, primarily working in glass. He moved to Taft Hill Farm in West Townshend, Vermont, 20 years later and opened Robert DuGrenier Glass Art Gallery in Townshend. Long enamored of interactive and immersive experiences, DuGrenier enjoys combining his loves of making glass and growing and eating delicious food.

Alex Sorenson is a New York Times-starred chef who has worked in a wide range of fine-dining restaurants throughout New York City and abroad. He has lived and worked in France, Rwanda, and Borneo. Sorenson recently relocated to West Townshend, Vermont, where his passion for local food and community inevitably led to his connecting with DuGrenier, with whom he has collaborated on numerous art/culinary events.

Randi Solin has been working in glass for over 30 years, She established Solinglass, her Brattleboro, Vermont, glass studio in 1998. Solin creates original blown glass sculptures by using glass like a contemporary abstract expressionist painter. Her work has been collected and exhibited throughout the world, including the permanent collection of The White House, nine U.S. Embassies, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Neal Myers is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He moved to Vermont to helm the kitchen at Windham Hill Inn in West Townshend, Vermont, after working as executive chef at many New York City restaurants, including Blair Perrone Steakhouse, Palm Restaurant, and Havana Central. Myers is now executive chef at Johnny Seesaw’s in Peru, Vermont.

Exhibitions 2023

Many of our members are Currently on Display at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, in a show titled Glasstastic

 On display from June 24 - October 9, 2023

It also included a fun blown away type of challenge for members to participate in as well as a glassy Dinner party to come limited tickets.

To learn more contact the Brattleboro museum

Exhibitions 2021

1. Our 10th anniversary exhibit at Southern Vermont Art Center, called 2021˚ F ~ “10th Anniversary Vermont Glass Guild Exhibition”, Diversity of Glass Art opening July 3, 2021. Watch your inbox for an email about applying to the SVAC for this show. Hopefully this email will arrive this week!


2. In October 2021, we will participate at the Brattleboro Museum of Art in a show inspired by their collection of antiquities. More information about this show and how to apply to follow.

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