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Karen Deets Stained Glass

My life in Vermont feels like I have entered into my own artwork, revealing an evolution of lifetime themes of nature and mountains, with the added fantasy of playful visible spirits. The mountain scenes have been constant in my work since childhood, with interpretations inspired by LC Tiffany. Architectural and industrial form provide elements for abstract designs.


My fascination with glass is a response to its qualities of intense color, affected by light, and its ability to create a spiritual feeling of total focus. Kiln fired elements of fused and painted pieces allow an expression of finer details and subtleties. The ancient technique of fired glass painting, used in gothic church windows, creates a classic look of rich shading and detail. Modern kiln fusing allows color without heavy outlines. I sometimes use both techniques together.


After 3 decades as a NJ American craft gallery owner, I am now fulfilling a soulful desire to live and play in the beauty of nature and to immerse myself in my glass art.


Come and visit during Vermont's statewide Open Studio Weekend, May 28 and 29, 2016. 
For more info. go to

728 Moscow Rd. 
Fair Haven, VT 05743


Karen Deets
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