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1  Seasholtz Glass

2 Angela Nephew

3 Little River Hot Glass Studio

4 Mad River Glass & Gallery

5 Green Mountain Glassworks

6 Zugg Glass Studio

7 Karen Deets Stained Glass

8 Manchester Hot Glass Studio & Gallery

9 Clare Adams Art

10 Kekic Glass

10 Sherwin Art Glass

11 Julia Brandis Glass

12 Brandywine Glassworks

13 Robert Dugrenier Glass Art & Gallery

14Jen Violette

15 JMB Glass

16 Solin glass & Fire Arts Gallery

17 Formichelli

18 Zak Grace Glass

19 Readsboro Glassworks

20 Heathbrook Studios

21 Jeremy Sinkus Glass

22 Prasch Glass

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Vermont Glass Guild Map

Please note not all studios are 

open to the public. 


Please contact studios that are open to the public ahead

of time to get an idea of 

what is happening on-site 

on the day you plan to visit.

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