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Meeting minutes

VGG Summer Board Mtg Minutes: June 13, 2023


Attendees: Matt Seasholtz, Robert DuGrenier, Chris Sherwin, Randi Solin, Dave Leppla, Marie Formichelli, Marta Bernbaum


Introductions: After brief Hellos, catchup time, meeting commenced 


Membership—Current Membership is at 24 Paid Members (need to check PayPal for add’l members) Discussed culling the Old Mailing list since we have recurring “bounce backs” and people that have never responded or shown up, despite consistent reach out.  Discussed potential growth by including Martha Fitch at Vermont Crafts Council and/or VT handcrafters to see if there are any other glass artists we are missing and who may want to be included. Also discussed having the VGG email come from the website rather than one of the Board member’s personal/biz email. Marta will check but it should be doable. 


Discussed and agreed restructuring the VGG Membership in order; needing to show benefit of membership to justify the Paid tiers (participation in group shows, Guest Glassblowing Demonstrations, group advertising/marketing, networking, group/bulk ordering potential, socializing and “being part of a group, etc.) . Discussed removing Free Tier and just having two paying tiers.  People (Non-paying glass folk) are welcome to attend various functions and we can have a Non-Member “per diem” fee if there is an event/demo that we need to fund in the future. Also, Marta asked that dues be paid by the end of January of the Calendar year so that enough lead time for brochure/website/events updates and scheduling is given.  Board voted and agreed: 


Remove ‘Free Tier” and just have two tiers. 


Tier 1 --$50 Annually: allows for inclusion in any group shows/events (add’l fee may be required to participate in certain Shows); invitation to attend any guest demonstration; receives mention on website and allows for name/website. Allowed to post events on VGG Social Media platforms (reminder to please post event as/from your individual business, NOT as VGG admin, unless it is general VGG business/event—thanks) 


Tier 2 -- $100 Annually: allows for inclusion in any group shows/events (add’l fee may be required to participate in certain Shows); invitation to attend any guest demonstrations. Allowed to post events on VGG Social Media platforms. Additionally receives a page on the VGG website, and participation in the VGG brochure that is distributed annually at all the VT ST Welcome Centers. 


 All Dues must be paid by 1/31 of Calendar Year, for above privileges. 


New/Other Business:


Demo Outreach. Discussed having a fall (November?) Demo, since they seem to be popular with membership. Some names thrown out—Joe Peters, Alex Rosenberg, Robert Mikelson, Peter Muller, John ”sleepy” Moran, sally Prasch, Bill Morris, Jason Howard, T Winetropp (sp?), Emilio Santini……    Marie will reach out to Emilio/Joe/Bill Morris; Marta will reach out to Sally P and T Winetropp; Dave will reach out to Alex Rosenberg and John Moran.   Please report back to Board with any findings/interest so we can get something scheduled in the November timeframe. 


VGG Group Show?—Randi offered that since SVAC is out this year, that maybe a small group show at FireArts would be possible. More information to follow.  Other venues were discussed.  Robert D is meeting/speaking with SVAC next week and will ask about 2024; Chris will reach out to Sandwich Glass Museum and New Bedford Museum of Glass about possible future shows. 


“Cooking With Glass” – Date :  October 7, 2023 at Fire Arts Studio, 5-8pm; Robert highlighted an event he did for his Birthday that was HUGE success, and we are planning to do as fundraiser, in conjunction with the BMAC.  It will be a “7-course Meal” cooked entirely with hot/molten glass.  Robert discussed the ways/manner of which dishes like Salmon, popcorn, veggies, shrimp skewers, oysters, crème brulee etc all can/will be cooked using HOT GLASS.  All Agreed it will be great event and would love to help/participate.  Discussed max capacity, layout, potential cooking methods, and how it would be done; music, wine pairings…..  (Chris can/will ask David Howell –who has spoken at several BMAC auction/fundraising events –soil geologist and terroir expert to speak about wine & pairings with meal?) . 


Robert is meeting with Danny L from BMAC and chef soon, and will report back as to any pertinent details and reach out to VGG Board about how we can assist. FUN! 




Since “ VGG Blown Away” event, in conjunction with the BMAC,  needed to be started, board agreed to adjourn mtg. 


Next  Meeting—tentative dates –looking toward November-ish with time/date/location TBD


Adjourn—Thank You to Randi , Marie, George and crew at FireArts for Hosting!  


Respectfully Submitted, Chris Sherwin


Chris Sherwin
Sherwin Art Glass
33 Bridge Street, PO Box 168
Bellows Falls, VT 05101
cell: 802-376-5744

Follow me on FB and Instagram @SherwinArtGlass


Private torch working classes available Pyrex and soft glass for up to six guests contact JMB Glass also available on Air BNB experiences Brattleboro VT



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